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The nonprofit association POR:TA - Por Todas as Artes is pleased to announce the first Open Call for artist applications seeking support for their projects, under the following Regulations:


1. This Open Call aims to support projects in the visual arts and music, based on the identification by the candidates of the specific needs of these projects.

2. The following may apply for support:

a) Portuguese artists;

b) Foreign artists with permanent residency in Portugal (proof of residency required);

c) Portuguese nonprofit artistic production institutions.



1. The amount of support varies depending on the projects and the specific needs identified by each candidate, and cannot exceed € 10,000.00 per project, both in the visual arts and music areas.

2. The support will be granted by bank transfer as follows: 50% upon approval of the support, 25% during the project execution at a time agreed with POR:TA, and the remaining 25% upon completion of the project and submission of the respective final report by the candidate.

3. By agreement between POR:TA and the candidate, different payment conditions from those mentioned in the previous clause may be agreed upon, if the characteristics and timelines of the projects require it.



1. This Open Call will comprise the following phases:

a) Submission of the application;

b) Confirmation of the eligibility requirements of the application;

c) Evaluation by the appointed Jury;

d) Voting by POR:TA members;

e) Communication of the decision;

f) Contracting/Protocolization of the support to be granted;

g) Allocation of the support and monitoring of the contract execution.



1. The application period runs from April 18th to May 18th, 2023.

2. Applications must be submitted in Portuguese and/or English through the website, along with the payment of an administrative fee of € 15,00 and in the terms foreseen in the present regulation.


1. Eligible applications are evaluated by POR:TA in collaboration with a jury assigned to each of the areas.

2. The evaluation criteria considered by the jury are as follows:

a) Cultural and artistic relevance of the project;

b) Consistency and quality of the project in terms of its artistic foundation, with an explanation of the relevance of its artistic and professional objectives;

c) Reasonableness and feasibility of the project;

d) Specific and detailed specification of the amount of support requested, based on a formal coherence with regards to the scheduling and allocation of necessary human resources.



1. Applications that do not fall within the areas of visual arts and music will be excluded from this Open Call;

2. Applications that exceed the support amounts provided for in the Regulations will be excluded.



1. The results will be communicated on June 18th.

2. After approval by POR:TA in conjunction with the appointed jury, the final decision will be communicated, and there will be no recourse, through the website and social media.

3. The provision of support entails the signing of a written document, establishing a contractual relationship between POR:TA and the selected candidates, containing, in particular, the following elements:

a) Project name;

b) Rights and obligations of the parties;

c) Amount of funding;

d) Duration of the contract.


1. Beneficiary entities must ensure the successful implementation of the project, as planned and scheduled with POR:TA.

2. Any changes to the agreed planning and scheduling must be immediately communicated to POR:TA.

3. Beneficiary entities are also required to submit quarterly reports on the status of project development, and, if deemed necessary by POR:TA, specific information may be requested, including invoices for expenses related to the items for which the support was granted.


1. POR:TA may cancel the grant of support to the project if any of the following occur:

a) Non-compliance with the present Regulation or the agreement/protocol to be signed with each of the artists;

b) Refusal to provide information requested by POR:TA;

c) Providing false declarations.

2. In case of cancellation, the Beneficiary Entities are required to reimburse the amounts received within 90 days from the date of receipt of the respective notification.



1. All personal data provided by the applications and all personal data of data subjects included in the application (hereinafter "Data Subjects") will be processed by POR:TA, as the entity responsible for data processing, exclusively for the purpose of managing the allocation of support.

2. POR:TA can be contacted regarding any issues related to data processing in this context, and for these purposes, at:

3. The personal data of Data Subjects will be retained for a period of time necessary for the allocation and management of support, except in cases where another period is required by applicable law.

4. POR:TA guarantees Data Subjects the exercise of their rights in relation to their personal data, such as the right of access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction of processing, and portability, in accordance with applicable law.

5. POR:TA implements all necessary and appropriate security measures to protect the personal data of Data Subjects, whether the data is processed directly by POR:TA or by entities subcontracted by POR:TA.

6. POR:TA may process the personal data collected in this context directly and/or through subcontracted entities for this purpose, and in such circumstances, appropriate contracts will be entered into with such subcontracted entities, in accordance with the content and requirements provided by applicable law. In the scope and for the purposes of the allocation and management of support, POR:TA may communicate the data of applicants to partner entities for the purpose of managing publications and institutional communications. These entities may be located within the territory of the European Union or outside it, and in the latter case, appropriate mechanisms will be constantly employed, under applicable law, to safeguard the security of the personal data processed.

7. Data Subjects may file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission ("CNPD") if they believe that there is a violation of legal provisions regarding data protection by POR:TA Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.



The Beneficiary Entity shall not undertake any actions prohibited by applicable local anti-corruption laws and shall comply with the provisions of Law No. 83/2017, of August 18, which approves Measures to Combat Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.



If circumstances so require, this Regulation may be amended or modified at any time, and once communicated to the Beneficiary Entities, they are immediately binding on them.

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