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The non-profit association POR:TA - Por Todas as Artes is pleased to announce the first Performing Arts Open Call for submissions from artists seeking support for their projects, under the terms of the following Regulations:



1. This Open Call is intended to support projects in Performing Arts based on the applicants' identification of the specific needs of those projects.

2. The following are eligible to apply for support:

a) Portuguese artists;

b) Foreign artists with permanent residence in Portugal (proof required);

c) Portuguese artistic production institutions;

d) Each applicant may only submit one application under this Open Call.

3. Admissibility conditions:

a) Projects must include the preparation of a report with a documented record of the work carried out, including reflective and critical self-assessment, and a public presentation;

b) Projects must be started and implemented between June 30, 2024 and December 30, 2025;

c) Projects must begin within 12 months of June 30, 2024.



1. The amount of support varies according to the projects and the specific needs identified by each applicant, and may never exceed €10,000.00 per project.

2. Support will be granted by bank transfer as follows: 60% of the total amount upon approval of the support and after signing the respective acceptance Protocol, and 40% upon delivery of the final report.

3. By agreement between POR:TA and the applicant, payment terms other than those referred to in the previous paragraph may be agreed, if the characteristics and timings of the projects so require.

4. All administrative and logistical aspects must be ensured directly by the Beneficiary Entity, as well as payments relating to the completion of the project, and the application of the corresponding funds must be included in a detailed report to be submitted to POR:TA.



1. The following documents must be attached to the application (PDF or JPG up to 10MB): 

a) Artist's biography (maximum two A4 pages);

b) Biographies of the artistic team;

c) Letter of intent (maximum two A4 pages);

d) Applicant's portfolio (maximum ten A4 pages);

c) Project schedule; 

d) Detailed project budget document;

e) Website and social network (if applicable);

f) Project proposal: clear presentation of the Artist's vision with a very detailed plan about what and how the applicant plans to create with the financial support. It must be clear about the necessary scope, medium, execution and schedule (up to 3000 words, maximum ten A4 pages);

g) Project schedule with the various stages of the project and when the Artist expects to present it (maximum one A4 page).

h) Document with the detailed project budget;

i) Other descriptive elements that the applicant considers relevant for the assessment of the project based on the established criteria.

j) If available, video record of the latest work carried out.

2. POR:TA may request additional information on projects.

3. This Open Call will comprise the following phases: 

a) Submission of the application;

b) Confirmation of the application's admissibility requirements;

c) Evaluation by the appointed Jury;

d) Voting by the POR:TA  Board Members;

e) Communication of the decision;

f) Contractualization/ Protocolization of the support to be granted;

g) Awarding the support and monitoring the implementation of the contract.



1. The application period runs from March 21 to April 21, 2024.

2. Applications must be submitted in Portuguese and/or English via the website:

3. All interested participants must pay, when submitting their application, a non-refundable registration fee of €15.00, intended to cover administrative costs associated with processing applications.



1. The applications admitted to the competition will be assessed by POR:TA with the collaboration of an external jury made up of 3 members.

2. The evaluation criteria considered by the jury are as follows:

a) Cultural and artistic relevance of the project;

b) Consistency and quality of the project in terms of its artistic rationale, with an explanation of the relevance of the respective artistic and professional objectives;

c) Reasonableness and feasibility of the project;

d) Concrete and detailed specification of the amount of support applied for, based on its formal coherence in terms of timing and allocation of the necessary human resources.



1. Applications that:

a) Do not fall within the Performing Arts area;

b) Include projects of an academic or school nature;

c) Exceed the support amounts set out in the Regulations.

2. The following expenses will be excluded:

a) Budget items that are already covered by co-funding from other funding entity(ies);

b) Fixed costs and current expenses of the regular artistic production activity or its support, such as water consumption, electricity, internet, etc.



1. The results will be announced in June, 2024.

2. After approval by  POR:TA Board Members, together with the appointed jury, the final decision will be communicated, of which there will be no appeal, via the website and social media.

3. The awarding of support requires the signing of a protocol between POR:TA and the selected applicants containing the following elements:

a) Designation of the project;

b) The rights and obligations of the parties;

c) The amount of financing;

d) The term of validity.



1. Beneficiary Entities must guarantee the proper execution of the project, as planned and scheduled with POR:TA, informing on the artistic and financial execution of the project. 

2. Any changes to the agreed planning and timetable must be immediately communicated to POR:TA.

3. After POR:TA has notified them of the grant, the Beneficiary Entities must:

a) Sign the Protocol at POR:TA's headquarters, Rua de São Bernardo, 26 - 1200-825 Lisboa.

b) Submit the following proofs regarding the applicant, if applicable:

- Copy of identification document (Citizen's Card or Passport and VAT number);

- Proof of IBAN issued by the bank;

- Document proving permanent residence (for foreigners only). 

- Permanent Certificate or equivalent;

c) Exchange all correspondence relating to the approved application via e-mail to;

d) Insert the words "Supported by POR:TA" or "Support:" accompanied by the POR:TA logo, in all the materials used to publicize the artistic creation resulting from the support, in any format, medium or platform, whether analog or digital, that may be used for this purpose.

4. The Beneficiary Entities are also obliged to submit quarterly reports on the state of development of the project, and in cases where POR:TA deems it necessary, specific information may be requested from the Beneficiary Entities, namely the invoices for expenses relating to the items for which support has been granted.

5. Upon completion of the project, Beneficiary Entities must:

a) Submit, within a maximum period of 30 days after completion of the project, a final report and project communication materials in PDF format via email;;

b) A link must also be provided, with a download option, to the digital file of the show record (when applicable) which can be used by POR:TA for promotion and dissemination on analog or digital media or platforms.

c) Notify POR:TA of the public presentation of the project resulting from the support, and send the corresponding 10% of the seats in invitations electronically at least 15 days in advance.



1. POR:TA may cancel the granting of support to the project in the event of:

a) Failure to comply with these Regulations or the protocol signed with the Beneficiary Entities;

b) Refusal to provide information requested by POR:TA;

c) Making false statements;

2. In the event of cancellation, the Beneficiary Entities are obliged to reimburse the sums received within 90 days of receiving the respective notification.



(1) All the personal data provided by the applications and all the personal data of the holders of the application (hereinafter "Holders") will be processed by POR:TA, as the entity responsible for processing the data, exclusively for the purpose of managing the allocation of support.

2. POR:TA may be contacted with any questions relating to the processing of data in this context, and for these purposes, at:

3. The Holders' personal data will be kept for a period of time necessary for the allocation and management of support, except in cases where another period is required by applicable legislation.

4. POR:TA guarantees Holders the exercise of their rights in relation to their personal data, such as the right to access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation of processing and portability, in accordance with applicable legislation.

5. POR:TA implements all necessary and appropriate security measures to protect the Holders' personal data, whether the data is processed directly by POR:TA or when the data is processed by entities subcontracted by it.

6 POR:TA may process the personal data collected in this context directly and/or through subcontractors for this purpose, in which case appropriate contracts will be concluded with such subcontractors, under the terms and with the content provided for by the applicable legislation. Within the scope and for the purposes of awarding and managing support, POR:TA may communicate applicants' data to partner entities, for the purposes of managing publications and institutional communications. These entities may be based within the territory of the European Union or outside, and in the latter case, appropriate mechanisms will be employed at all times, under the applicable legislation, to safeguard the security of the personal data processed.

7. Holders may file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission if they consider that there is a failure to comply with the legal provisions relating to data protection on the part of POR:TA.



The Beneficiary may not carry out any actions that are prohibited by applicable local anti-corruption laws and must comply with the provisions of Law No. 83/2017, of August 18, which approves the Measures to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.



If circumstances so require, this Regulation may undergo, at any time, essential changes or modifications, which, once communicated to the Beneficiary Entities, are immediately binding on them.

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